Decision Support Systems are computer-based Information Systems that are used to support complex decision making. They use some type of mathematical model or method accompanied by an intuitive user interface that allows non-experts to use it correctly without knowledge of the underlying model.

Google Maps is such a tool; it supports the decision of how to go from point A to point B in the fastest possible way.

Contrary to a navigation tool however, the decision making process in organizations and businesses is rarely that simple. In many cases, it is not even known what the problem might really be.

IDS develops Decision Support Systems customized not only to the needs and characteristics of each client, but also to the area that the problem might lie. More specifically in:

STRATEGY: Each organization needs a strategy that can lead them to sustainable development. However, since noone can predict the future, we employ:

  • Simulation models that assist in generating scenarios of potential futures, offer insights by allowing “what if” analysis and allow experimentation with potential policies in a consequence-free environment
  • Artificial Intelligence methods that utilize the organizations data to reveal insights about past operations and trends of the future

OPERATIONS: Each organization needs assistance in day-to-day operations. For that reason we employ:

  • Mathematical Programming models that assist in planning, time and scheduling management
  • Multi Criteria Decision Aid methods that assist in choosing the best of many different actions under conflicting criteria and priorities

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Finally, each organization might wish to expand its portfolio of activities and/or process. In that aspect, we assist with:

  • Training in new technologies, new knowledge management processes or simply training to use the full extend of a Decision Support System
  • Proposal Preparation to support organizations and businesses that wish to participate in Research Projects. We assist them to realize their full potential and gain advantages tailored to a specific EU Program and Call.